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process servers in punjab

Process Servers in Punjab

Process Service India: Your Trusted Process Servers in Punjab

No one does it better than Process Service India regarding national networks of process servers and legal service providers in Punjab. Our clients receive the most efficient and effective service in the industry thanks to our years of combined experience, and we cover the entire Punjab! 


Use our client case management software, which is cloud-based and accessible online, to maintain tabs on all your open and closed cases. Access invoices, try out status updates and affidavits, and communicate with our team about specific jobs with notes. We can now ensure the fastest and most accurate processing of all requests by consolidating our workflow into a simplified process incorporating return affidavits. 

Our professional Process Servers Punjab and in-house legal service specialists ensure that clients’ cases are served accurately the first time by meeting the demands of specific state laws and certification requirements. 


Our process-serving services in Punjab are available around the clock, every day of the year, at Process Service India! Come what may! You will have a designated process service in Punjab that will contact you via phone and email for all client cases. We will send you an invoice via email once we have finished reviewing your submission. 

Many Forms of Requests That We Handle

  1. General Civil Litigation 
  2. Summons & Complaints 
  3. Restraining orders 
  4. Family Law 
  5. Divorce papers
  6. Paternity
  7. determination
  8. Child support 
  9. Child Custody papers
  10. Visitation papers 

We Provide Same Day Process Service in Punjab

Is next-day service required? Punctuality and accuracy in processing are our top priorities. 

In every case, whether civil or criminal, our process servers will serve the papers on time. Contact us immediately to initiate a same-day or expedited service of process serving Moga. Process servers are available in Punjab. Please let us know if you require a process server in a particular location. 


You can trust that Process Service India will always give you, our utmost. The legal industry places great faith in our experienced team of registered process servers, and our network of reliable professionals extends across the country and worldwide. Simplifying the legal process is our top priority. 

Comprehensive Process Server and Skip Tracing Solutions

There are two main types of personal process services that we offer in Punjab:
Normal Process Service in Punjab: 
In this procedure, the address is known to be the place of employment or residence of the person who is to receive the legal documents. Here at Process Service India, our servers in Punjab will contact the individual, let them know why they’re here, and then present them with the necessary legal paperwork. As part of the service procedure, the server will try to get a response from the recipient confirming receipt of the legal document. The party’s refusal to sign the acknowledgement document does occur from time to time.

The process server, Patiala, may be required to deliver the papers to a member of the party’s family on specific occasions. Substituted Service describes the situation where a party’s relative receives the document. Almost every court system recognizes and accepts this form of process service. There are several reasons why the server might perform the Substituted Service. 

  • Skip Trace Services in Punjab: 

The process server must find someone who does not live or work at the address. If so, the process server will ask the right questions to locate the party. For parties with addresses in the same city, the process server will serve the party as soon as they have the address. An extra charge will be imposed for the process service if the party’s current residence is in a city different from the one originally provided. 

Reach out to us!

Our expert team is available around the clock to provide well-defined process services in Punjab. Calm down; the most reliable and self-assured process server is ready to serve you with all his might at the sound of your phone. We help in serving divorce papers.


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