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process servers in Bangalore

Process Servers in Bangalore

With a presence nationwide, we are the go-to personal Bangalore Process Servers. Although our headquarters are in Bangalore, India, we have process servers nationwide. Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Process Service Bangalore, serves legal documents in Bangalore. The management team of that firm consists of highly qualified solicitors who work together to guarantee excellent service and documentation.


You won’t find a more competent, trustworthy, or reasonably priced personal process server in Bangalore than us, Process Service India. Our process servers can handle whatever legal document you need to be served in Bangalore divorce papers, subpoenas, complaints, or anything else. Our process servers are highly skilled and distributed across Bangalore to ensure you receive efficient service. Because of legal matters’ gravity and delicate nature, we always do our best to assist our clients. You have two options for service of process serving in Bangalore: the Hague Convention or hiring a personal process server like us. 

Learn More About Our Bengaluru Hague Service Convention

Due to Bangalore’s status as a Hague Convention signatory, the process of serving in the city must adhere to the convention’s guidelines. Although the Hague Convention permits various service methods, Bangalore has expressly rejected these options, making it impossible to serve documents in Bangalore through the postal service or via diplomatic or consular agents.

  • This is a sluggish process that should take about six months.
  • Notify the Central Agency of Bangalore of your request by having your attorney send them the necessary paperwork.
  • Assuming everything is in order, the Central Agency will serve the documents. If the respondent accepts the documents after the attempt to serve them is made, the Certificate of Service will be prepared.
  • It typically takes considerable time—anywhere from six months to eight months—to Process service in Bangalore and prepare the Certificate of Service.
  • Please let us know the specifics after you’ve sent the documents so that we can work with the relevant authorities to speed up the process and get the certificate of service or delivery to your attorney as soon as possible. 

Please note that after six months have passed and you still have not received the certificate of service or delivery from the Central Agency, even after making numerous unsuccessful attempts to obtain the status of process service, you have the option to approach the Court and request judgment immediately if you have opted for the Hague Convention mode. Personal process service of the papers on the other party is an option, and you can argue that enough time has passed as a defence.

Our Company Offers Personal Process Serving

Sometimes, having legal documents served by a personal process server Bangalore is the most appropriate action. It becomes even more useful when you don’t plan on enforcing a judgment in Bangalore. This method of process service outperforms the Hague Convention method in terms of efficiency and speed.

  • After the respondent, currently residing or based in Bangalore, receives the documents, we will prepare and send you an Affidavit of Service that states the pertinent facts.
  • We can serve legal documents on both individuals and entities. Anywhere in Bangalore, you can reach us to have summonses, subpoenas, divorce papers, petitions, and more served. Take our guidance in serving divorce papers.
  • Our network of process servers is strategically located throughout Bangalore, allowing us to serve the documents efficiently.

In addition, our servers have a competitive advantage thanks to their knowledge of the local area and language. Despite our best efforts, we may need to return to the location a day or two later to serve the documents, despite our best efforts to do so during our initial visit. We will pay the respondent a visit to his residence when we expect him to be there. Presenting the documents to the respondent follows an explanation of their contents. 

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